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The Masks We Wear


My mother tells me you can’t run from your past.


You need to face it in order to appreciate the present and plan for the future. But I’d sell my soul not to deal with mine. It’s five foot four, has fake green eyes, and is the cause of all my torment.

When I knew her-when I loved her, she was just Liliana.

But now they call her Lily. The Queen of Emerald Falls.

She thinks she can bully me into silence. Make my life a living hell while keeping her prestigious status intact.

But a lot has changed in three years.

It’s time the Queen met her match.


The Masks We Wear is the first standalone in the Emerald Falls Series. Stories do not have to be read in order. 


  • Bully romance (Female bully)

  • Friends to enemies to lover

  • Second chance 

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