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O'Hares Ranch


Life was simply life before I emailed a cowboy named Andrew Dawson. 


Since graduating college, I’d fallen into a cycle I was so stuck in, I didn’t realize I was in it. Work eight hours, have a glass of wine, and fall asleep to reality TV. I just rinsed and repeated every single day. 


But then the case of the strawberry cow happened. 


What started as a simple mission to educate my students, turned into the world’s longest game of cat and mouse. 


For five years, the ranch owner and I have been unable to do anything about the growing attraction that bloomed between us on my first trip, a reason or two always keeping us at bay. But for every one of those years I went to his ranch, I discovered more about the life I’d been missing. Realized what it was to find home. 


I was happy again. Alive. There was only one thing I still didn’t have. 


Luckily, it seems as though this Easter, I may finally get it. 


But only if I can find the golden egg before he catches me. 


O'Hares Ranch is the tenth in the Holinights Novella Series. It is a complete standalone and doesn't need to be read in conjunction with the others in the series. 


  • City Girl x Cowboy

  • Rigger & Rope Bunny

  • Stars Finally Align

  • Slow Burn

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