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Mother's Day Inn


I had everything under control until I met Theo.

My life was simple, straightforward, and clean. I thrived in my career, improved daily at being a single parent, and disguised any not-so-ideal parts of my life pretty well. 

Like the fact I carried more than a few insecurities my ex-husband left me with. The biggest being the simple notion that I was one of many options, and my idea of love was ridiculous. 

I knew it only existed on the big screen or in the pages of books, but I still wanted it. 

Still yearned for it. Still hoped that maybe, somehow, I’d find it. 

Never once did I think I’d find it in the lifeguard nearly ten years my junior. 

Theo plans to dismantle everything I thought I knew. He wants to rip down every wall I have and rebuild it with just four words.


Mother's Day Inn is sixth in the Holinights Novella Series. It is a complete standalone and doesn't need to be read in conjunction with the others in the series. 


  • Single Mom

  • Slight Age Gap

  • He Falls First/Obsessed

  • Light Breeding 

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