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Noxus City is full of criminals, and Lucian Hyun is one of them.

He parades as the city’s prosecutor, free from judgment, while inside, he’s as corrupt as those he condemns. Until he makes a mistake that indebts him to the kind of man he would otherwise prosecute. As part of said debt, he’s sent to retrieve the man’s fiance. Just another of many tasks.

That is until he meets her.

The one who he was only meant to collect.

Noxus City is full of innocent faces, and Sabreena Accardi is one of them.

Born to a world she isn’t made for, her light and spirit dwindle in the cramped confines of her ivory cage. Bartered off to marry a man by the will of her family, she’s certain the life she never truly had, is all but lost.

That is until she meets him.

The one who was only meant to collect her.

Two sides of the same coin, though one side is damaged and the other pristine. To take a chance on love would mean losing it all.

But with everything to gain, it just may be worth it.


Desires is the second in the Divine Corruption Series. It is part of an interconnected standalone series, and the first, Chances, should be read to enjoy the full experience of the series. 


  • Stalker

  • Forced Proximity

  • Obsessed Hero

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