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The Masks That Break

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It’s the most widely used deception in the world. It creates weakness within the mind, leaving rooms for distractions, and threatens to hinder my goals of success.


I won’t allow something as inconsequential as love to get in my way.

Even if it means pushing away the only one who’s ever made me feel something. 

Remy Solace. 

She’s a dangerous distraction.

She’s the sun, threatening to incinerate the darkness from my soul, and keep me from focusing on what really matters–what I’ve always wanted.

And while every fiber of my being knows I need to stay away, I can’t help but wonder...

What good is a knight without a queen to protect?


The Masks We Break is the second standalone in the Emerald Falls Series. Stories do not have to be read in order. 


  • Opposites attract

  • Dominant alpha

  • Second chance 

  • Shared past

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