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King of Ruin




It's the most fragile concept ever created. Built over time. Shown through actions. Tested with loyalty. And broken when hit with the smallest pebble.


My family trusted him. 𝘐 trusted him, despite something deep in my core knowing he would be my downfall.


The destruction of Wonderland. 


Now, I'm at his mercy. Forced on a bent knee and made to listen to the side of a story I don't want to hear.


Because despite our past, despite what we believe or what we want, there's only one throne, one crown-and even through the looking glass, I can see...


..there isn't room for the both of us. 

King of Ruin is the second in the Wicked Wonderland Duet, and its predecessor Queen of Madness must be read prior to understand. 


While King of Ruin is NOT a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, I hope you enjoy the many Easter eggs. 


  • Mafia Romance

  • Revenge 

  • Found Family

  • Forced Proximity

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