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Queen of Madness


The greatest weakness any man can ever have is a woman. 


The inherent need to protect them can become overwhelming and all consuming. It makes us think irrationally and do stupid things. In my case, falling down a rabbit hole.


My sister made a mistake. One that put us in debt with the Italian mob who owns half the state, and as payment, they’ve enlisted me to work for them. Only it isn’t them I’ll be working for. 


It’s for her.


Onyx Embros. 


She’s a ghost, a legend, the head of their rival mafia family, and the queen of Wonderland. In order to save my family, I have to act as her guard so they can find a way to kill her. But the longer I stay, the more I realize Onyx isn’t who I thought she was, and neither am I.


Turns out, I’m just as mad.


Queen of Madness is the first in the Wicked Wonderland Duet, and must be read in its entirety in order to read book 2.


While Queen of Madness is NOT a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, I hope you enjoy the many Easter eggs. 


  • Mafia Romance

  • Bodyguard

  • Found Family

  • Forced Proximity

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