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The Masks We Burn

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Amora Joy Orlov. 

The thorn in my side, the bane of my existence. The woman with the loud bark and even harsher bite. 

Cutthroat and defiant, she’s everything I don’t want, but exactly what I need. 

And as luck would have it, she also needs something from me.  

A deal is struck; use each other until we both get what we want. 

It should have been easy, and even easier to walk away in the end.

Somehow though, I’ve grown addicted to the pieces of herself she keeps hidden away, the little glimmers of the woman beneath the ruthless façade. 

But the clock is ticking for the both of us, and in the end, it’s Amora who has to decide--

Hide behind the masks we wear, or burn them to ashes?

The Masks We Burn is the third and final standalone in the Emerald Falls Series. Stories do not have to be read in order. 


  • Enemies with benefits

  • Enemies to lovers

  • Fake Engagement

  • Forced Proximity

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